Monday, May 28, 2012

Never enough

Cold streets slick with rain
Footsteps tapping along cobblestone
No gas light, no moon light
Only strangers sleeping alone

Can’t find the ticket for success
Never knew life could be so hard
Playing games with others lives
You never know where you are

In the dark a match snaps to life
A pockmarked face stained with dirt
It’s always hands to mouth these day
Hands clutching hard to mother earth

Someone somewhere recalls your name
And whispers to someone that you’re insane
You say it’s only a temporary condition
But in you know in your heart it’s a game

Looking back for home, you can’t see it
Strangers sit at the tables tonight
Hunger is home, but you can’t feed it
Just a crazy craving for a normal life

Ice forms on the windows of other houses
But inside you can’t see quite enough
Can’t see the caring or the tenderness
Can’t see that other people really do love

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