Thursday, May 24, 2012

I hate being wrong

I hate being wrong
And I’m wrong so often
I sometimes believe I hate myself
But I don’t

I hate doing and saying stupid things
And I do and say stupid things
So often I sometimes think I’m stupid
But I’m not

I hate hurting people I like
Being a Jekyll and Hyde person
That acts out my fears at inappropriate times
Lashing out at people I love
Because they put up with it
And this makes me believe sometimes
I might be a mean person
But I’m not that either

I hate losing friend,
And I’ve lost so many over the years
You’d think I’d gotten accustomed to it
But I haven’t.

I mourn each loss
As if I’ve lost
A brother or a sister,
A lover or the dearest person
I ever knew
And all that’s true.

I hate losing you
Not because I’m any less wrong
Or any smarter
or any less afraid so to strike out
But because without you
I have a lot less than I was
And can never been what I might have been
And know I’ll never know you well enough
To get over being wrong, stupid or afraid
And I hate that most of all.

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