Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I wear you like silk

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I pull you over me
Like a silk sheet
Cool skin growing
Warm with a touch
Soft on every part
As I move
This sleep we sleep
That is not sleep at all,
Shakes us at every turn,
We making and remaking
This bed we lay on
Finding excuses
To ruffle it,
I feel you around me,
Tight the way
A glove is tight
But it is not a finger
I press inside,
Easting in and out,
The ritual that wakes me
And also puts me
To sleep,
As potent as any drug,
We strolling leaf-strewn paths
In our own waking
And in our dreams,
Hear the hoot of trains
That have long ceased
To come this way,
Leaving only the soot
Of their passing
On dark tunnels below,
For us to explore,
And the soft touch
Of silk around our limbs
This pace we exist in,
Real and unreal
Made up each morning
By the made service
Of our rational minds
To become ruffled again
By passion that has
No reason,
Only ritual and release

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