Friday, July 3, 2015

Existence itself

Friday, July 03, 2015

I press against you
As if the world depends upon it
And it does
This contact like crash of continents
Before time divided them
This press against
This heavy caress,
This kiss filled with the need to survive
Knowing that to lose it
Is to cease to exist
In a universe that makes us
All feel so small,
Life is not measured by big things
But by tiny moments – and movements
You breathing as I breathe,
Taking me inside so I feel what you feel
And I move inside your skin
In a cosmos filled with supernovas
And exploding suns,
Where planets collide in cataclysmic intensity
This touch we touch does as much
Vibrations that move out
From where we embrace
The universe itself
Our heart bets pressing against each other
The reason the universe exists
More than mere a big bang
Out from which existence starts
But the only reason to exist
I press against you because

Existence depends upon it.

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