Saturday, March 30, 2013

Moon tides

I rise to the tides of the moon tonight
Her face full as I get set for bed
Her glow flowing through the window
Like an old friend I can never touch
Only admire from a distance,
Can never claim I own
Too remote even for my howls to reach
On this terra firma full of howling wolves
All deluded into thinking that remote face
That glow in the sky shines for each alone,
Yet all of us rising to her tides
Swayed by her orbit, and puffed up
Each time her circling takes her nearer to us,
Moon children who wait for her to sing
In this night air, basking in her radiated glare
Howling all the more each time she passes on,
The pain of it drawing blood from our faces,
Leaving us only the echo of our howling
As cool comfort until the tides rise again.

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