Friday, March 1, 2013

Don’t do it!

The invite read: “You should go,”
As if written just for me,
One of those things
Written deliberately vague
Easily misread when anyone
Who knows anything knows
I’d never get invited to anything
Remotely like that,
Me knowing that I’d never
Get invited to any party
That doesn’t have a noose
At the end of it,
And that a trap so transparent
As this kind is
Screams with the warning
“Don’t do it!”
When behind the scenes
This is Vietnam all over again
And that teasing voice
In the jungle hoping
To sure good guys like me
Out into the open
Where bad guys like them
Can get at us,
Or the political party
That always likes to keep
Ugly behind the scenes things
Like this wrapped up
So later they can deny
It meant what everybody
Presumed it meant
And the only one with egg
On their faces are those
Who took the meaning
Literally and fell for the trap,
In this world full of
Wishful thinking
We all wish for things
We shouldn’t have,
Or can’t have anyway,
Losing ourselves in a wish list
Of impossible dreams even
Don Quixote  could not rival
And no matter
How many windmills
We fight
We can never win
Watching the world spin
On a gust of evil wind
That must blow itself out

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