Thursday, March 28, 2013

How soft is it?

Pussy Willow

How soft it is?
Or sweet?
Dare I lay my hands on it?
Or my tongue?
Do I jump in with both feet?
Or feed my sweet tooth with it?
Do I hold it?
Or caress it?
Or take it in my mouth,
Letting my tongue feel
Each indentation,
Or it’s trade mark?
Soft or hard,
Sweet or dark,
tender or stiff
To put it in
Or take it out?
Can we shake it up?
Or make it sit?
Spinning on it?
Or in it?
Shaping it into
Whatever we want
It most to do?
Molding it around me
Like a tight fitting glove,
Soft to the hard finger
I poke into it
And grin.

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