Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The scheme (with video)

“Maybe it’ll work this time,”
Dave said, repeating the scheme
He had repeated so many times
He needed no rehearsal,
That vague play for fame
He played each time
We played a parade,
That ten note masterpiece
He tooted as we passed
The bandstand judges
 Trying to get them to believe
He played the whole parade
Like that when he couldn’t
Play it twice in a row
And get it right
Always looking for someone
To tell him how great he was
When beyond those ten notes
He wasn’t,
needing to get famous or rich
but refusing to learn
The additional notes
What he needed to achieve it
Willing to let the cops
Come bust him
If that’s all the fame he could find
Which in the end
After all the flags were furled
And the crowds gone home,
And the only judge who’d listen
Was the one who could care less
About how well he played
as about fair play,
Handing Dave no ribbon
For his achievements,
Just a sentence to a place
Where he could play those
Same ten notes over and over
And over again
Until he was
Blue in the face.

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