Friday, March 8, 2013

Another spring poem (with video)

I feel winter
Oozing out of me
The last bit
Of bitter toothpaste
In a tube
I have used
For too long,

The dribble
Of pale remains
Dripping from
Every part of me
As I wait
For spring
To come

And ache
For the blooming
The change
Always brings,
Buds bursting
In and around me
That explosion
Shaking me
Waking me
Raising me up
So I feel
Fulfilled again
That throbbing
Amazing feeling
Of expiring old
And glorious new
That wondrous haze
That flows
Out of me
To fill up
Those gaps
I have in my life
A magnificent
That blinds me
To all else
And leaves me
And inspired
Like nothing
Else can...

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