Saturday, August 8, 2015

I float

Saturday, August 08, 2015 (written earlier)

I float,
Lungs filled with air
I dare not let out
Filled with your air
But also empty
I cannot breathe
Deeply enough
To fill the cavity
Inside my chest,
A cough brings up,
Each memory
The lingering touch
I am desperate
To feel again,
The kiss I miss
Yet so filled with bliss
It keeps me float,
Like a life preserver,
On this insane sea
We all must float upon
And flounder in,
Each soul bobbing
Between the ripples
Of waves,
I float with you
Inside of me
With a memory of me
Being inside of you,
I wear you around me
Until you become me,
Or I become you,
Even when you are gone
Surviving each storm
By merely staying afloat
My lungs filled with air
I stole from you
With each desperate kiss,
Knowing then
As I know now
That I might never
Get another chance
To breathe you in.
I float,
Feeling every inch
Of what I felt then
Every curve, every valley,
The friction and head
We drew each time
We made contact,
Electric, atomic,
The scene of it
Lingering in my nostrils
So that I can breathe
Little else,
Part of this endless sea
I float in
And which over time
Will finally consume me
As I once consumed you,
I float,

But not alone.