Friday, December 21, 2012

World’s end: September 21

They tell me
the end of the world
will come today --
As if we could
Put it out of
Its misery
The strife and selfishness
The tick tock inside my head
Foolish notions and fear
I always have
The wants and needs
And my inability
To tell the difference,
This wheel of Karma
This hamster cage toy
Upon which I spin
All coming to an end
Because some
Ancient calendar has stopped
I need something
To tell me what to do next,
How to embrace the end
When it comes as it must
How to face myself
In the after life
When I can’t yet
Face myself here,
To somehow find
Etched in my heart,
No fixed date chiseled
Just the courage and wisdom
To face life here
And in the here after.

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