Friday, December 28, 2012

Recruit (how to get dirty rich quick)

My best friend’s
Best friend
Thought he knew
A good thing when
He saw one
When Hank dated
That “dirty rich girl” from
Our friend telling Hank
She was too good for him
The whole time
Hoping to hook into her
Himself in order to
Get a piece of the action,
Offering to get Hank
Into the rackets
Where the two of them
Our friend and Hank
Would make a killing together,
Just another scam
To make up for how
Lonely our friend was,
Telling Hank how
Great things were
When it was all a trap,
Telling Hank how they
Would clean up
Knowing that if things
Worked out between
Him and Hank’s gal,
Our friend would leave
Hank holding the bag
All by himself,
while our friend
Got to be dirty rich, too.

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