Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Golden Goose

 It rains
Stiff cool fingers
Blister the skin of the world
Tears upon a sullied cheek
Glass beads on the windshield
Wiped away, only to return
Filled with reflections
Of the real world,
Blue eerie glow
That casts nets across
Each street
Light and dark
Shadows letting
Brown leaves
Dance before the rain
Contains them
You shiver slightly
To the patter on the roof
Drenching you
Despite closed windows
With something other
Than wet
A mood your high beams
Can not illuminate
You light a cigarette
Seeing your own face reflected
Back at you
Seeing your own
Haunted eyes in the glass
Watching you watch,
You are alone
Skating glass-like asphalt
Swerving with each
Gust of winds
With each new curve
Shaking at each reflected warning
Vague horns
Of ghostly shapes
And sirens blaring
From beyond invisible islands
As faces appear along the roadside
Full of circumstance
And danger,
You are alone,
And peer into the night
At twisted veins of bright light
That crackle and fall from the sky
Rolling like military cannons
Are they aimed at you?
The drum beat
Is your heart responding,
Beat for each beat,
You are alone
Sealed in a steel prison
Traveling at fifty
Feeling the cold metal rust
Behind you,
Shedding long red
Muddy tears
Behind you,
Expired rivers
Filled with dead leaves
And rattling soda cans
The thunder coming again
A giant’s rage
Over the lost treasure
The golden goose
As your hands tremble
On the steering wheel
As you round that last corner
That last stretch
Bringing your finally
To home.
Seeking warmth
Seeking company,
Seeking never
To be alone

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