Thursday, August 7, 2014

Better than nothing

August 7, 2014

She tells me to kneel
And I kneel
Her jaw clenched
And her fingers,
As if she clutches a whip,
I didn’t always do
What I was told to do
And that was the trouble,
But I do now,
Knowing that it’s her way
Or no way
And no way is unacceptable
Since I do not exist without her
This is not just love
It’s physics
Like a Star Wars movie
With two sides to the force
And my hands bound
By the all powerful
And my mouth gagged
By the fear that I might
Bring down doom
If I think too much for myself,
So I stop thinking
And do what I’m told to do
Regardless of how much it hurts,
Accepting my fate
With bowed head,
Knowing this is better than
The nothing I would be
Without her.

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