Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Years

I am father time;
But what are you?
We dress for this day
As if for Halloween
Sheets dripping off
Our shoulders
Like ghosts
Xmas a whole week past
And I missed it
And decide
You are the still-wrapped
Present waiting
For me to untie
Mouth first,
That utterly Ulitarian orifice
I so much adore
The lips of which
Bewitch me
Long before a kiss
Sharp-edged and ruthless
Into which I plunge
My whole self,
Risking life
With each lick
Any knick of which
Would spilt me in two,
I unwrap you
One inch at a time
A mountain climber
Reaching rigid peaks
With outstretched hands
A deep sea diver
Seeking moist deeps below
The whole earth
Groaning at the effort
That might take a life time
Not one mere night,
Me father time with
Too little time

Begging for more

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