Sunday, July 14, 2013

I don’t need to

I don’t need to ease in
Only to know I can
My mind shaping
The shape of where
My fingers cannot go
My mouth aching
For the taste of you
The flavors of
Lips on lips
Curling around you
To take in the tip
That taste
Never a waste.

I don’t need to breathe
You in when I
Already do,
Taking in each
Strand of you
So that it sticks
To my tongue
In my lugs,
On my lips,
I swear you
Over me like
An ointment,
So that I feel you
Over each inch
of skin,
A searing
That seeps down
Into the marrow
And never
Comes up.

I don’t need
To dream you
I know you exist
A twist in a dreamscape
A strolled down
A garden path
In which you
Are every flower
I look at
And smell

Just as sweet.

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