Friday, July 12, 2013


I dare not blink
Or miss it,
A flash of eye lash
A blur in a room
Where you sit,
And I barely breathe,
No moment so haunting
As this one is,
But which of us
Is the ghost,
The echoed laugh
In the rafters,
The rattle of chains
The moan and groan
The deep sighs
I dare not blink
Or lose it
In the mists,
Some tales of Poe
Or woe or madness
Mingled with the lust
And dust and fuss of love
Heat mounting outside
Inside, all around,
Until I don’t have
Anywhere to turn,
Or a reason to,
Time going crazy
In my head,
With me
Ticking like a time bomb\
Waiting for the relief
Of when finally,
I explode.

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