Monday, June 3, 2013

Two hot poems for Summer


It rains today
Rains and rains
The peeking rays
Hide in the chains
Of deep dark clouds

The scorched earth
Cracks and groans
And sucks in first
The pavement foam
Dripping slowly down

And on the glass
The world smears white
With little dabs
Of colored lights
Seeping through the shroud

And all day long
I wish for more
Wish on and on
Those drops adore
Wish each one was mine, mine alone


It consumes me
A vortex swirling
Around me
Like a tornado
Twisting me up
Inside and out
Squeezing me dry
Like used up fruit
Each drip dropping
Into your upturned lips
The tip of your tongue
Drawing each drip in
As if I am made
Of honey not blood
This twisted torso
Exposed to whatever
Ravages the storm
In you supplies
Your eyes flashing
With rage or lust
While I shrink with
Each new surprise

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