Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lunch time (from The City) with video

The patrolmen in Passaic
Stroll Main Street waving batons
At the police chief’s daughter
Who sells tickets
At the city’s only porno theater,
Cops who stop for lunch
And desert at the go go clubs
While geese patrol
the glisten park brook
Where the children play
And drug dealers clutter
Dark pools of shadow
To trade war stories
While selling smack
And cocaine
As the mayor
A few blocks away
cuts a ribbon on the new
sex toy shop
Located a block
From an elementary school
And all this before
the night life starts,
This is the day crew
Of beer guzzling
Coke snorting
Work men from Clifton
Who have to go home
At five to explain
Where their pay checks went
And why they got lipstick
On their collars.

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