Sunday, January 6, 2013

No uncertain terms

Simon & Garfunkel’s song Old Friends
Runs in my head as I listen
To the familiar voice of my childhood
Buddy on the phone,
Each of us touching bases
After a year apart (when
In former days we could not
Be parted for more than days)
Each of us full of the litany
Of age and life
The heart ache and the belly ache
And the pathetic politics
Of labor relations,
Catching up on the year’s news
Of what makes the world turn
the soap opera of people’s lives
That aren’t really ours
We mostly immune to the petty
Stuff that other people
Seem to feed on,
His voice like a the hefty beers
We used to get each Friday
After a hard day’s labor
Talking the pain out
Over the foam,
And even now,
After a year of mutual
Suffering apart
The liquor of his voice
Still works its magic
Telling me in no uncertain terms
We survived.

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