Friday, January 25, 2013


The water is purer now than it was
When me and Ralph, Dave and Puck
Came here to do what every kid does
Tying rope to tree to test our luck
Willows decorated the water side
Dripping tears where we could hide
Dave was all with long slim arms
Puck was short, but his life was charmed
Ralph was skittish and feared to fall
And I would do anything at all.
We swung in summer dawn to dusk
Dragging home when told me must
In winter we craved for summer to come again
To sail through the air with our clutter of friends
The city cut the tree and sealed the brook
Quoted as admiring the much better look
Bleachers for ball fields filled up the space
No one came here to cheer on the games
Remembered the time when other kids came
Or how we managed to sail through the air
Testing our hearts, taking on dares
No old tires to dart through
No water to wade
No visions of grandeur
Over success we made
No reckless kids learning about life
Only the ball fields and echoes of night

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