Friday, November 23, 2012

More than empty ambition

People tell me I’m more powerful than I know,
Saying that it doesn’t go to my head
So I’m almost never drunk on it.
I get the same message everywhere I go
Friends patting me on the back
To keep back the people with knives
My life full of dark plots
I’m constantly resisting,
I’m always falling over clues
To puzzles I never intended to solve
Frustrating my enemies
Making enemies I don’t mean to frustrate
“Trust yourself,” my fortune cookie
Tells me with tonight’s take out,
“You know more than you think,”
and it knows more about me than I do,
knowing that the next steps I take
will be towards something other
than empty ambition or
pointless wealth,
“Your dream life is rich,”
My other fortune cookie says,
“Listen to your dreams.”
and deep down in my heart
I know this is right.

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