Saturday, November 10, 2012


How is it the goose
Lifts up from the pone
Or a child to walk
On own two feet
Or a bird to take
First flight of wing?
No one knows

How is it
We trust these wings
These bones and feathers
With each lifting
Of our heads
To rise from bed
To open eyes
To know
The sun will rise?
No one knows.

How can we trust
This world of ours
To keep its flowers
Or bring its green’
Spring coming after
Every winter
Without fair?
No one knows.

How is it
I meet you
This bundle of words
Sent to no one
For no reason
A bottles sailing
With secret message
To land
On your shores?
No one knows.

Faith is not a word
A goose would use
But feels it none the less
To know bones
Will hold wings together
For the thousand miles
Of flight
To come or go
From no one knows where

How can you doubt
The years ahead
When the world has
Done so much
To bring us together?
Why waste those
Secret energies
If it all must end
Why expend spirits
On such matters,
As if fate thought
Us trivial?
No one knows.

But when I life
My wings to fly
Or arms to hold you
I know it is forever,
It is for that time
Beyond winter
And the time before
The first flake falls
To all those times
All those buds to bloom,
This life, that life
The life that comes
Tomorrow – and all
The tomorrows after that.

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