Sunday, October 14, 2012

Columbus Day

The ride between
Here and there is neither
Long nor short
But a matter of time
A life time perhaps
With Winter/Summer
Crowded on the sides
Like observers to
A great parade
Floats drifting
Bands blaring
Soldiers stomping by
In an invasion of elation
Some secret self
Takes to heart
Wishing for other things
Thinking of other places
Full of trees and leaves
And rushing streams
Thought lost to the blaring
Of music off the face
Of stone buildings,
All filled with echoes
Of the past
Some remote dream road
That appears on no map
And we all just stumble along
With no real notion
Of where we are,
where we are going
How to get back
Or if we even want to
This parade
Going on and on
And eventually even
Without us.

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