Friday, October 19, 2012

Scars on the outside

All these years later
I still have the scars
On my knees
From that 7th birthday
When I had guilted
My uncles into buying
me the bicycle
I had wanted since 3,
Telling them I ought
To have it because
My mother was in the hospital
And although they knew
I was not old enough
To balance on that world
They bought it anyway
And I being too small to
Quite reach the pedals
Could not stop when
I reached that rough
Patch of asphalt
And fell
Scraping my knee
So bad I had bandages
On it for weeks
And band aids
For weeks after that
Yelping out in pain
When my aunt finally
Yanked the last one off
I couldn’t believe
How much it still hurt
And how much less
I loved that bicycle
Like all dreams that
Come too soon
And are gotten
Too easily.

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