Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunrise over Newark Bay

The wind blows over the park this morning,
A cold breath of another time and place
Me clutching the rail of the overlook
And stare at the gray water that marks
The boundary between two cities

Water erases the phony distinctions
People put on places
Ignoring street signs and parking laws
Ignoring clutching people like me
Who come to places like this
Looking for answers no one can give

This soon after sunrise the air stays chill
A frosted dry kiss on my cheek
As brisk as a slap someone
Recently said I deserve
A kiss, a slap, and wind fingers
Easing through my hair

When the sun does come it brings no real warmth
Just the suggestion of heat I ache to feel
So vague even the kiss of the wind seems more real
All the most significant things in my life are vague
Hints at something beyond that I can’t quite lay hold of
Moments passing that linger long enough to touch
My cheek before moving on to something else

I always come to these places, look out at such waves
In the hopes that I can catch a glimpse of that passing thing
Before it fades into some other reality, some other place
Evaporated by sunrise that can’t quite warm me.

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