Sunday, December 14, 2014

Going deep

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I fall into your eyes
With arms outstretched
A deep sea dive
Into an abyss I know
I can never escape from
The dark depths of it
So filled with doubt
I’m sure I’ll drown
And do not care
Feeling the warmth
Of it as I break the surface
The press of it against
My flesh as I struggle to swim,
No break this deep in,
And yet, I try,
Breathing in something
Far richer and thicker
Than air, heat
Searing my lungs
With each gap,
I am scalded
Head to toe,
And even then
As a drowning man
I do not despair
Fingers feeling for the soft of it
As I reach, and reach again
Outstretched and vulnerable
Exposed to it all
The chill of not being here
More terrifying than even sinking
Too far down to know
I can’t possibly survive
If I do not dive
So I dive all the deeper
Seeking what I know is
Really there,
Something I need

Far more than I need air.

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