Friday, November 7, 2014

Sugar and Salt

Friday, November 07, 2014

When they take you over
It is never for good purpose
An iron fist hidden
In the velvet glove of love
Nor is the salt spread
As sweet as sugar
But rather like Rome did
To Carthage under Manius Manilius
Designed as conquest
And to spoil the landscape
For future growth,
They needing you to need them,
Shackling you with mind-game chains,
Shaping lies into images of truth
Until you can’t tell the difference,
Turning love on its heads
And loved ones into enemies
We are not,
So that you have no one else
to turn to except for them,
no one who can help
when the fish finally shows
from under the glove
and you realize that this is not love
but something mean and evil,
by which time, it is all you have
and cling to it drowning
in Sugar and salt
convinced that
bitter is sweet
until you learn to like it.

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