Thursday, December 12, 2013

A blank check

Trust is always dubious
Even among close friends
Let alone political allies
Who see you as a walking wallet
And do not mind picking out
A few extra dollars
If you’re too stupid to notice
That blank check meant
To pay old debts
Exaggerated and split
Between conspirators
So that in the end,
They all get paid what they
Think they earned,
A dishonest honest living,
A fringe life
They know lasts
Only as long as the sucker
Doesn’t catch on,
And in some cases,
That sucker keeps signing
Away his life,
Never knowing
That he can’t trust those
People he trusts most:
Einstein once described
Madness as someone
Doing the same thing
Over and over again
Yet expecting a different
Result each time,
Some suckers never learn
And so always sign
That blank check,
And always are surprised
When it comes back
Ten times worse
Than he thought it would be.
It’s the cost of doing business
With crooks,
No matter how
Respectable they
Claim to be.

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