Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wet leaves

Wet leaves
Clutch the ground
Like desperate hands
Fingers clutching
The rain-soaked earth
As I step among them,
This walk through
The chill air
Driven by the same
Urgency that they
Must feel on the edge
Of something
They do not understand,
This end of life cycle
We all share
Aching to know
If there will be a new green
After the heavy snows go
And will what we love
And lost in this life
Linger into the next
For our fingers to grasp again
To draw up to our heart
To feel its beating against
The beating that still beats
Inside of us,
Each step I take this autumn
Always filled with the hope
That it will all start again
And all I need do is wait
For the cold to pass,
And in this, I let the rain
Dribble down over and inside of me

Cleansing me

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