Friday, September 6, 2013


All you have is faith,
Even when
Jericho’s walls fall down
Faith that there is hope
Even when there is none,
Faith in the father’s
Who have lied
And cheated
And been lied to
And cheated on,
Even then
Telling you
Everything will be
All right
When the dust pouring
Out of the cracks
Of the crumbling walls
Tell you different,
And the hosts
That have encircled
This city for so long
Are about to bring
Justice to a world
That doesn’t know
Right from wrong
Hope prevails,
Shaped out of the smoke
And like smoke
With evaporate
When you most
Need it,
Hope going up
In smoke
As sacrifice
To gods
You never thought
You would need to
Believe in,
Except now
Finding faith
When it’s
Too late

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