Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Morning glory

I spend my life
Waiting for you to open
The pale glow
Of morning ripping
Though the lace
Eyes wide
Lips parted
Waiting to turn
To seed
Even before
I have succeeded
In pulling
Open the petals.

Each layer
Loosened with gentle
I ply
Feeling inside
For that place
Where your seeds
My touch inching
Deep through
The quivering

Some flowers
Do best in night
Drawing heat
From some
Deeper place
The invisibility
Of progress,
As fingers seek
Sweet nectar,
But me
Whose eyes
Feed as easily
As my fingers
I need to see
And feel
And if possible
Taste each
Petal as it
Falls away,
Morning glory
Withering only
To the mounting heat
Only exploding
Can bring

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