Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Master of Innuendo

She is a master of innuendo
The suggested phrase
The connotation
As with the description
Of pictures she had
If she dared use them
Or the criticism she titled
An addition to a paragraph
To suggested how illiterate
And ill-informed the author
Of the original was
Polictians call it deniability
To give that innocent shrug
While asking,
“Whatever did you mean?”
When the lightning bolt
Hits you right between the eyes
Daring you to find
As clever a way to strike back,
Staring straight into your eyes
Like a hired gun,
Knowing you can’t draw down
When you use a blunt instrument
Rather than a scalpel
You can’t win a war of words like that
Her sharp shooter already drawing
By the time you reach for yours,
Her rapier sticking away at your vital parts
As your broad sword clatters on the ground
Her look so innocent you even thought
She committed the crime,
You always asking her for forgiveness
Even as she leaves her bloody
Fingerprints on your brow

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