Friday, March 30, 2012

Rose bush

Today, you wear silence
An angry grown sewn with threads of frost
Inspired by the reverberant winter breath
Rushing through lifeless limbs,
Frost that seals you in a winter dress
Sleeves as clear as glass,
Aching for a single thought of spring

With me the sole subscriber to some future
Only hinted at in the mists,
Your buds still tight under the kiss of wind,
Waiting for the warmth of me
To inspire you to grow

To breath hard over you,
To bring back your painted glories,
To become a sweltering homage
Only high summer can bring
To let the my tongue play over you
My fingers run through your wilted leaves
To let me become your sunlight
To warm you, and melt your
Still frozen heart,

Me aching to touch
The pedals of your inner self
With the tip of my shivering tongue.

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