Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sense of sense

(date unknown)

I weave my finger through you hair
It feels like water and I wonder
Why my fingers are not wet
This touch, a rush inside me
I cannot fully explain,
This need to feel it
Whenever I look at you
To taste it and to know
All there is to know

I kiss your lips and lick
It with the tip of my tongue
Tasting all there is too taste,
Needing to feel deep inside
So as to know exactly what
You really feel like,
Knowing that I can never
Really know you until I
Know you from the inside out

I lay beside you in the heat
The sweat dribbling from us both
As we breathe deep
I can see nothing in the dark
But I still feel you
And I still taste you
As we breathe deeply together

This sense of sense
Not at all lost in the dark
Though with my eyes closed
I still ache for more

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