Thursday, July 23, 2015

You move; I move

(date unknown)

You move and I move
Like sheets of Teflon
That creates heat
Without friction,
This heat boiling up
From inside
To burst out
And subside,
Our lives bent around
These volcanic eruptions
Needing the feel of it
As we stir up the lava,
And the bliss of it
When it all breaks free
Each phase
A perilous adventure
We might not survive,
The climb to the top
The sacrificial plunge,
The lost moments
When we cease being
Who we are
For whom we become,
Broken on the sharp
Shards of loved and lust,
Then reborn,
Like a phoenix
We rise from our own ashes
To repeat it again
And again,
The insanity of pending death,
Defying feat we need
To perform in order
To feel as if we are alive
You move, then I move
Then we both move
Somehow managing
To find moments when
We can feel inside
And outside
As we stoke up
A fire neither of us
Can control,
Or would want to,
Learning that the best part
Is when we have
No control at all

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