Monday, July 20, 2015

Study hall

 (date uncertain)

Her long blonde hair
Drips over the back of the seat
In a study hall that is not in a hall at all
But in an auditorium
And we seated like spectators
Waiting for a movie to start
That will never start,
The tips of her hair dusting my knees
Like a tease,
She is so pretty my eyes ache
Just to look at her,
With me so shy
(when I was still shy)
I can barely speak,
But study every move she makes
As if she was my text book,
Catching glimpse of her lips
Or eye lashes each time
She turns to talk to this friend
Or that friend
On this side or that,
Her lips so pink they make me bleed
Her eyes so blue, I drown
She is not a mirage
For a boy stumbling from a dry
Dry desert,
I could touch her if I dared,
I would kiss her if I could,
I’m just too scared to ask,
And so I nearly explode
When she turns to me
And wants me to take her
To the dance,
Me, the shy kid from study hall,
The long-haired beatnik type
Not her type at all
In a school full of cool kids
And jocks,
She a dream come true,
Long hair framing a perfect face
And my head filled with visions
Of being so close
I might embrace,
She asking me to meet
Beyond this hive of echoes,
Beyond a study hall
That is not a study hall at all,
Me, the kid seated behind her,
And she reading me

Like an open book.

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