Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nefertari’s slave

You wrap me up in silk threads
Until I am bound tight
In your cocoon,
This squirming worm feeling
Every bit of the soft warmth
Around me,
The cut of cords against my skin
Telling me how far I might go
Without permission.
I am a mummy bound up
For some goddess’ pleasure
To live or die,
To serve as needed,
To be or not be
As you see fit,
The silk bitter not sweet
Pressing the air out of me
A suffocating sucfocofus
From which I am not
Expected to wake
Again in this world,
But sent with you
To do for you what
I did not do here,
To be what I should have been,
A pale worm squirming
And yet tied to this new promise
Of an old thing that will
Explode into something grand,
Something different from
What I was before,
If not beautiful on the outside,
Then marvelous within.

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