Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A cindered star

August 10, 1978

The light off the silver
Bites the sky,
A worthless tail of a siderolite
Leaving a harp chord over-stretched
In the sunlight
From sea to faded crescent moon
An appendage in this tide of time
When at any moment
Anything can slice this bared wire
This silver strand
In its middle
Leaving us stranded in space
And grasping for meaning
Which these stars
Do not provide
This bare cicerone leads nowhere
Points to no worthy portraits
No heavenly wonders we might
Admire in this gallery of blazing images
For this denarius dribbles
Through our fingers,
An ancient fortune lost
Shimmering across the sky
Blinking silver, then red,
In its long fall to earth,
No masterpiece
No omen,

Just a cindered star

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